Posted by Shawn Kreger

4 Types Of Vaping Mods

Vape mods are highly personalized vaping devices suited for intermediary and advanced level vapers. Most people define them as e-cigarettes on steroids. And while, it is true that vape mods are more substantial smoking options than e-cigs, with their ever advancing technology they have become so much more than a bulkier version of electronic cigarettes.

Vape mods these days offer a number of features such as regulation of temperature, rechargeable battery options and even wattage control. Based on their shape, their anatomy and the style of vaping, mods can be classified into 4 broad categories. Here’s a closer look at some of the best vape mods:

Regulated Mods

As the name suggests, regulated vape mods are structured vaping devices that have a small chip embedded in their machinery. This chip is similar to the one used in our cell phones and laptops, but just a lot simpler. The presence of this chip allows your vape mods to hold an LED screen making it safer and more personal to use.

Vapers can control the customized curve of their wattage and temperature through this chip and with the wide varieties of styles available, they can enjoy vaping the exact way they like. This chip regulates many other electrical minutiae of your device, making it really safe to use, especially for beginners and people who don’t understand technical terms like Ohm, Wattage and Current.

Unregulated Mods

These mods are much more suitable for advanced vapers rather than ones who have just begun vaping. Also known as ‘Bare Bone’ vaporizers, unregulated mods consist of a simple machinery and allow vapers complete control over their device. Mechanical mods consist of a tube or a casing used for holding a battery with a physical button present somewhere on the tube. Vapers need to press this button in order to use their mod.

As these mods lack the microchip present in regulated mods, they are not as safe to use and do not deliver consistent results. This is because the chip present in regulated modes maintains the voltage of the device making sure it is working at a constant setting. On the other hand, unregulated mods deliver output based on the charge left in the battery.


Pen Mods

Pen Mods are the most elementary upgrades from e-cigarettes and cig-a-likes. That being said, pen mods are also useful vaping devices designed to help ex-smokers quit smoking. They can be a convenient solution to a really grave problem. Affordable and easy, these devices are classified into two different categories based on the type of their tanks and their batteries - e-Go Pens and Intermediate Pen mods.

Box Mods

An upgrade over most vaping devices, box mods are just the tools for all vaping aficionados. Box mods offer more options and higher grade performance than pen mods. They are easy to customize and deliver excellent vapor production. Their batteries are interchangeable and can be fitted with versatile tanks and accessories. Box Mods are ideally suited for intermediate and advanced vapers, and with the right practice, they can be quite reliable vaping companions.
These were some of the best vape mods suited for users who love vaping. You can browse through our wide range of vaping accessories to find the one perfect for you.