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How to Decide on your Vape’s Nicotine Level

Vaping is not meant to be the new smoking, it’s not "cool". It is meant to be an alternative for smokers. If you are a non-smoker we don't recommend you vape, however, if you consider yourself a "social smoker" or a "weekend smoker" you may find that vaping a low nicotine e-liquid would replace the traditional cigarettes you may have when you're in social situations.


E-liquid, or e-juice, comes in many nicotine strengths. What level of nicotine should I start with? This is the most frequently asked question. The answer to this question is a little complicated and confusing. Entering the world of vaping gives rise to many questions before you can fully experience what vaping has to offer. Let me try to simplify it to the best I can.


Nicotine Strengths

E-liquid is usually measured in milligrams per milliliter (mg/mL). Depending on the manufacturer, E-liquid or e-juice comes in many strengths. Choosing the right nicotine strength has a lot to do with how much you smoke or used to smoke and which types of cigarettes you smoked as well as the device you are using for vaping. As technology changes devices are able to deliver nicotine more effectively, thus allowing users to use lower levels of nicotine than you would if you're using technology that isn't as efficient at delivering the nicotine from the j-liquid.


  • 0mg: or no nicotine is best served by vapers that smoked for the ritualistic habit of smoking, or smoked simply because they were in a social situation. If you smoked habitually 0mg will not allow you to successfully transition to vaping.

  • 3mg: is the most commonly used by vapers that have been vaping for a prolonged amount of time and have decided to lower their nicotine intake, it is also very common for people that smoked up to 15 cigarettes a day and are getting into vaping using a device with high nicotine delivery. Using a device with less effective nicotine delivery 3mg would be ideal for someone who smoked 5-10 cigarettes a day.

  • 6mg: You will find most people that vape at 6mg are former smokers that smoked between 1/2 to a full pack a day and are using a highly effective nicotine delivery device. Those using less effective devices at 6mg would be someone who smoked up to 1/2 a pack of cigarettes a day.

  • 12mg: Users that are just coming to vaping and choose a smaller, less effective nicotine delivery device and smoked about a pack a day will be most likely starting with this nic level. Users in highly effective nicotine delivery devices would only be using 12mg if they were smoking 35+ cigarettes a day.

  • 18mg: This strength of e-liquid is generally reserved for heavy smokers (1+ pack a day) combined with an entry level (less vapor thus less effective nicotine delivery) starter kit. In a higher vapor producing juice (more effective nicotine delivery), you won't find very many people vaping this high of nicotine.

  • 24mg+: Some e-juice is available in 24mg or higher, there are very few reasons why anyone would start at this high of a strength, unless they were smoking 2+ packs a day in an entry level device.


Based on the information above you should have a good idea of what nicotine level you should start at. Many people start with a couple of different strength to find the one that works best for them.


There’s more!

Though the goal for most people that start vaping is to switch from cigarettes, many people choose to slowly lower their nicotine intake. Though there is no prescribed method to lower your nicotine level, as vaping is an alternative, not a cessation device many users will gradually step down a nicotine level when they feel they are ready. Eventually, many vapers will end up at 0mg, this would allow them to get over the nicotine addiction and then switches to the habit part of smoking or vaping, the ritualistic hand to mouth motion, the inhale and exhale etc. At the same time, many people will never change their nicotine level, and some may only drop a couple steps and never drop anymore. Everyone’s vaping journey is different.


In our Edmonton vape shop, you can select the nicotine level according to your preferences. That’s not it! There are so many e-liquid flavors to choose from. We have many types of e-cigs available too! Plus, you can buy everything online! Are you still waiting?

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Doreen Savoie November 27, 2019

Why is the vaping temperature over 300 degrees? What does that mean? That is the temperature given on a cannabis product leaflet. What is the temperature of vape entering the throats and lungs. Has the temperature of vaping ever been addressed.

Matt P. November 27, 2019

Hey Doreen,

A vaping temperature of “over 300 degrees” in reference to vaping cannabis is actually a bit low (if we are talking Fahrenheit). If you’re talking 300 degrees Celsius, that’s quite excessive. Optimal cannabis vaping temperatures range from around 325 degrees Fahrenheit to 430 degrees Fahrenheit (180 – 220 degrees Celsius).

“what does that mean” – well it means that within that temperature range the plant material will not combust. Combustion occurs at around 455 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although this may sound quite high, you have to keep in mind the temperature rapidly decreases as it approaches the throat and lungs. It is analogous to breathing in a sauna – noticeably warm but not painful. Most users who regularly vape cannabis use a temperature setting around 200 degrees Celsius,

Keep in mind when someone is smoking something, the temperature of a Bic lighter can reach well over 1500 degrees Celsius.

To apply your question to the world of vaping nicotine; yes, the temperature of the produced vapor has been addressed. Similar to the sauna analogy mentioned earlier: vapor rapidly cools off as it is inhaled. Most nicotine-based vaporizers utilize a fixed or variable power setting. These settings are how users can adjust the temperature/vapor production of a device. With fixed-power devices, they are designed to produce the optimal level of power (and therefore heat) to the coil. With variable-power devices the user can adjust the settings to their liking. So simply put, if someone finds the vapor produced by a device to be too hot, they can either use a different device (or coil) or lower their power setting.

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