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Travelling With Your Vape

Whether you’re running off somewhere warm for a break from the world or going up north to fund the next trip somewhere, there are some important things to note when travelling on an aircraft with vape gear.

Your first step is to check online or call in to your specific airline and confirm their rules and regulations regarding the transport of vapes. Here are a few quick links to aid in your search:

More often than not, the primary concern is in regard to the batteries we use in our vapes. As all vapers should be aware, batteries can catastrophically fail if mishandled. Please refer to our article on battery safety if this is news to you!

General Guidelines:

The main airlines all have similar guidelines: vapes (more specifically batteries) are allowed to be transported only on carry on and must be stored appropriately. E-liquid can be transported in carry on luggage as well, but it must be in the plastic “liquids bag” with containers not exceeding 100ml and up to 1 liter in total. This means no 120ml bottles in your carry on.

Transporting Batteries On Aircraft:

In order to appropriately transport your device, determine if it uses a built-in cell or has replaceable external cells. If your device utilizes external batteries, you must remove them from the device and isolate them in a case/container. In a pinch you can tape up the positive and negative contacts on your batteries and throw them in a Ziploc bag for safe keeping during the flight. The reason we remove batteries from our devices is to lessen the chance of any type of catastrophic failure. If you were to just take your batteries out of your device and stash them in a pocket in your bag, you’re asking for trouble; any loose change or metal in/on your bag have the potential of hard shorting your batteries and causing them to basically explode. So be sure to put them somewhere safe. A device without batteries can be transported in either carry on or stowed luggage.  If your device has a built-in battery, turn the device off and stow it away.

*Note: Devices with built-in batteries *must* be stowed in your carry on luggage.

Extenuating Circumstances: 

Keep in mind that some nations (Brazil, Singapore, Uruguay, and India) have outright banned vaping. If you are travelling to any of these places, verify beforehand it won’t just get taken by border security when you arrive. For example in Mexico, imports of electronic cigarettes/vapes is strictly forbidden. Anecdotally, I have heard stories ranging from “they took everything I brought” to “they didn’t care.” Personally I had 0 issues travelling in to Mexico with my devices/liquid in my carry on, but someone at the same resort I was staying at had all their supplies (with the exception of some e-liquid in the stowed luggage) confiscated from their carry on at the airport.

If you are traveling to Thailand, we strongly urge you to not bring a vape or e-liquid. If you're caught using a vape in Thailand you are likely to end up in a Thai prison. 

Flying With a Vape: Tips and Tricks

Something to also consider is the cabin pressure. When the cabin pressurizes during flight, most tanks/pods will begin to leak uncontrollably. It is advisable to have an empty tank with a fresh coil or a new pod ready to go for when you land. Alternatively, I just stash it all in a Ziploc and deal with the possible mess once you get to your hotel / destination.

Only the batteries for your device need to be on your carry on (for devices that take an external battery). If you're running short on room in your carry on; mods without batteries can be in your checked luggage. Extra e-liquid can also go in checked luggage, but be sure to store it in a bag that will prevent it from getting all over your clothing if the bottle ruptures. 

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