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What You Need to Know About Vaping and Battery Safety

What You Need to Know About Vaping and Battery Safety

Battery safety? Who knew that was something to take into consideration when it came to vaping? Unfortunately, it is, since all batteries carry a small risk of explosion. Thankfully, the injuries from battery explosions in vaping devices, are fully preventable. Also, vaping batteries have come far since they were first introduced. Today’s batteries are safer and more sophisticated than the ones that were used when vaping first came on the market. Below is all you will ever need to know about vaping batteries and battery safety!

What to Do When Handling Batteries

  • Always turn your battery off when you are not using your vaping device.

  • Always clean batteries and terminals as soon as they get dirty. Use an alcoholic wipe.

  • Always buy batteries from a reputable company. The few dollars you can save by buying counterfeit parts just aren’t worth your health or safety. Not to mention that an explosion would hurt your vaping device as well.

  • Always charge batteries on a hard surface like a table or something similar. Never charge your batteries on soft surfaces like a pillow, a chair, or a couch.

  • Always use the correct charging supplies. The correct charging supplies will always be the ones that were recommended by the seller.


What NOT to Do When Handling Batteries

  •  Never use damaged or broken batteries.

  • Never expose batteries to sunlight, or extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold. This means to never store your batteries close to things like water heaters or radiators.

  • Never expose your batteries directly to water. This one should probably go without saying.

  • Never leave batteries unattended while charging. You should also avoid charging batteries close to flammable materials. If your battery were to explode, the risk of a fire is much lower when there are no flammable materials around.

Other Things You Need to Know 

"Exploding batteries" sounds scary, and it’s not our favorite topic. But it is nice to know that almost all of the accidents that occur with them are easy to avoid.

Here are a couple more tips and tricks for keeping batteries from exploding.

Do Not Keep Your Batteries Together with Keys and Small Change

If you have a tendency to walk around with extra batteries in your pockets or your purse, jingling around with other small change, or even your keys, know that this is a bad idea. The batteries can easily short out on the coins and this will make the battery explode. This scenario is what happened in one out of five battery explosion cases, and the solution is as easy as getting a battery case. Battery cases are reasonably priced and have a lot to offer in terms of fire safety and peace of mind. Shopping for a new battery? All RCV batteries ship with a free battery case.

Battery Expiration Dates

Did you know that batteries have an expiration date? Well, they do. The best way to handle your batteries is to write the purchase date on the battery, and then discard it twelve months later. When you dispose of the battery, make sure to do so in a safe area.

Damaged Batteries

Avoid using batteries that are old, of uncertain origin, or that have any kind of nicks, scratches or dents. Also, make sure not to use any batteries that are missing the outside plastic film. 


Replace Your Batteries Correctly

Perhaps this one seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how often it happens. Inserting batteries in the wrong direction happens too often, and it will hurt both the battery and the vaping device.

Using Incorrect Equipment

We get it. You’re at a friends house and need to charge your battery. It’s very tempting to just borrow your friend’s charger or even pick one up from the local gas station. However, there are very good reasons why you should go back home for your own charger. If you use a cord with the incorrect voltage you risk at best shorting your battery, at worst an electric fire or bursting your battery.

It’s also easy to be tempted to buy the cheapest charger you can because you don’t really see the difference. And honestly, that makes sense. Why pay more when you can get away with less? Well, one major difference between cheap chargers and expensive chargers is that the expensive ones have an over-charge protection that the cheaper chargers don’t have. And that over-charge protection is the difference between having to replace an expensive, now ruined, vaping device and not having to. See how the extra dollars are worth it? If you visit your local River City Vapes store, please ask for advice about what charger to use with your equipment. When we suggest a more expensive charger it’s not to pocket the difference. We know what we’re talking about, what your battery needs, and we want you to be safe!

Many vapers are not aware that batteries for mechanical devices don’t exactly work the same as batteries for, say, cell phones. You can run your cell phone down to the last percent of battery, or even dead, and it will not matter in the long run. With a battery for a mechanical device, there is such a thing as over-discharging. Over-discharging means to run your battery all the way down before putting it into a charger. The more you do this, the weaker the battery becomes. Over-discharging is every bit as damaging to a battery as overcharging is.

In the end, what you need to know is that vaping battery accidents are extremely rare when the proper precautions are taken, and some common sense is applied.


Where to Go for Help

If, after reading this article, you need any kind of assistance or have any questions about your vaping device, batteries, or battery safety, please don’t hesitate to contact us at River City Vapes. You can either stop in at one of our many locations or contact us with any questions you may have, we are here for you!

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