Darkside Creations

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Kings Cream

From $13.00
Rich heavy flavoured watermelon bubblegum with a touch of cream to enrich the flavour profile.

Blueberry Breakfast

From $13.00
Blueberry waffles and cream. Note: Formerly Blueberry Waffle

BC Blast

From $13.00
Watermelon and berries

Mac Menthol

From $13.00
Subtle tobacco with a menthol kick

Grandma's Kitchen

From $13.00
Fresh from the oven Apple Pie just like mom made with a Rich scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream Melting on top. Note: Formerly Apple Pie A La Mode

Albino Storm

From $13.00
This is a Frozen Vanilla Custard it plays out are a perfect pallet cleanser or as a great all day vape if you enjoy a medium menthol and vanilla vape.

Clearly Kings

From $13.00
Kings cream clearly

Fizzy Bottles

From $13.00
Like a handful of sweet root beer candies. Note: Formerly Root Beer Candy

Twisted Tiger Ice Cream

From $13.00
Many people are taken back to their childhood when they vape this juice.


From $13.00
Who doesn't enjoy a glass of Five Alive to wake up those taste buds? We've all sipped from a bendy straw in a juice box that tasted like this... haven't we? Note: Formerly Johnny Five Alive


From $13.00
What can be said about G'Money?


From $13.00
Fresh strawberries at the bottom of a lemonade. Note: Formerly Freckled Lemonade
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