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Devilishly tasty angel food cake with a sweet vanilla icing


Maple butter pecan pancakes and whipped cream

Freedom Toast

French bread soaked in buttermilk and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.


Coconut cream riddled with delicious chunks of cookie dough.

The Blue

Freshalicious blueberry cheesecake. -n++60ml.


From $13.00
Golden brown toast sandwiched around strawberry jam and honey.

Cannoli Be One

Connor MacLeod raised his Cannoli shell to the sky.


Huckleberry pie topped with whipped cream

Powder Keg

An explosion of cinnamon and sugar with undertones of tasty cereal.

Admiral Cavendish

Banana Pudding. - Ripe bananas with a creamy, rich vanilla pudding base. Unlike any other banana e-liquid you've tried.


Spiced Egg Nog
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