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The Cleito and Cleito Pro are great tanks and offer multiple different coils to suit different styles of vaping.

We offer five different coil options for the Cleito and Cleito Pro. The original Cleito came out with 0.4ohm and 0.2ohm coil options. The 0.4 ohm coil is good from 40 to 60 watts with most users boasting a substantial coil life. There is a second 0.4ohm coil option that uses stainless steel wire, which allows the use of temperature control. The 0.2ohm coil runs from 55 to 70 watts, working well for users who enjoy higher wattage.

With the introduction of the Cleito Pro, two more coil options have appeared. Firstly the 0.5ohm coil, which operates well from 60 to 80 watts, almost combines the two original coil options and offers a more versatile higher wattage option than before. Finally, the fifth coil option is the 0.15ohm mesh coil which operates best between 60 and 75 watts.

The mesh coil is arguably going to produce the most flavor. Using mesh as opposed to wire allows for an exponential increase in surface area that vapor is being produced from, which in turn means more flavor.

Coil Specifications:

  • 0.2ohm
    55-70 watts

  • 0.4ohm
    40-60 watts

  • 0.4ohm stainless steel
    55-65 watts

  • 0.5ohm
    60-80 watts

  • 0.15ohm
    60-75 watts