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The Baby Beast and Big Baby Beast by Smok are extremely versatile tanks with an abundance of coil options.

We offer 6 different coil options at River City Vapes.


  • Q2: 0.4 Ohms 40w to 80w (best 55w to 65w). Commonly referred to as the Baby Beast coil with 'one big hole'. This dual-coil tends to withstand chain-vaping better than the options with multiple holes, but will have slightly less flavor.

  • X4: 0.15 Ohms 30w to 70w (best 45w to 60w). This is the 'two hole' coil. The quadruple-coil that the X4 offers a nice balance of increased flavor and capability of withstanding chain vaping.

  • T6: 0.2 Ohms 40w to 130w (best 70w to 90w). This Baby Beast coil is the 'three hole' coil. This sextuple- coil would arguably produce more flavor than the Q2 and X4, but generally don't hold up well to chain-vaping.

  • T8: 0.15 Ohms 50w to 110w (best 60w to 80w). This is the famous 'four hole' coil. This octuple-coil will offer the most potential flavor of the baby beast coils listed here. Chain-vaping these coils can lead to dramatically shortened coil life, so make sure if you're using these coils to give your tank a reasonable amount of time between puffs.

  • M2: 0.15 Ohm 25w to 45w (best 35w).

  • M2: 0.25 Ohm 25w to 45w (best 35w). The two M2 coils are designed for a fixed voltage output (as seen on the Baby Beast Stick kit) but are still an option when using variable wattage. The benefit to using these coils is their lower wattage range (more battery life!) and lower price.

  • Mesh: 0.15 Ohms 40w to 80w (best 60w to 70w). The mesh coil is the newest member of the Baby Beast coil family, introducing a mesh heating mechanism. This greatly increases flavor and vapor output when compared to conventional coils.

Note: These coils will not work in the TFV8 Cloud Beast, TFV12 Cloud King Beast, or TFV12 Prince tanks.