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The STLTH is a closed pod system. This means you'll be able to vape without the hassles of changing coils or filling tanks. 


This device offers users a way to vape without having to delve into any of the more complicated aspects of vaping. The 2ml STLTH pods come in a variety of flavors to suit most preferences. These pods are also available in two strengths; 50mg and 35mg. The 50mg pods are optimal for people coming off cigarettes, whereas the 35mg pods work well to reduce nicotine while still providing a substantial hit. The device operates with an auto-draw mechanism, meaning you just have to suck on the device for it to work. The battery section of the STLTH has a 420mAh cell. The capacity of this battery means you'll get a decent ammount of life between charging. How long the battery will last is quite subjective, but most users report charging once or twice a day.


Package includes:

1 x Device

1 x Charging Cable

1 x 2 mL 3.5% Pod

1 x Instruction Manual and Warranty Registration Card