Aspire Nautilus Mini 2ml

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The Nautilus Mini by Aspire is the truest definition of 'old but gold'.

This atomizer has been around for years now and still has a substantial user base. This device is about as simple and effective as you can get. When this tank was introduced Aspire released their bottom vertical coils (BVC) which revolutionized coil technology as a whole in the vaping industry.

The Nautilus Mini features what I call “clicky preset” airflow. The upside with this style of airflow is it is about as simple as it gets. The downside being that it is difficult to dial in if you don’t like the preset airflow holes. This tank is a bottom-fill style tank, meaning you have to tip it upside down and open it to fill.

Nautilus Mini Assembly:

  1. Screw the upper hardware to the Pyrex tank.(DO NOT over tighten!)

  2. Screw the BVC Atomizer into the bottom hardware (make sure the BVC atomizer is snugged down hand tight)

  3. Snugly screw the Tank hardware to the bottom Atomizer hardware(the atomizer screws onto the air-tube shaft in center)

  4. Insert the drip-tip into the upper hardware

Nautilus Mini Filling:

  1. Check to make sure the upper stainless steel be screwed tightly onto the glass tank

  2. Screw the bottom hardware off the upper hardware

  3. When you screw off the bottom hardware,the atomizer should be csrewed off the upper hardware at the same time,in case the atomizer is still kept on to the air-tube shaft in center,please screw the atomizer off and screw back onto the bottom hardware in order to avoid disconnecting



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