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The CFC 2.0 packs a lot of features and clouds into a small package, and for a great price.

With full digital temperature control, a pocketable size, and good battery life, you're set for all-day vaping on the go. Boundless is known for big clouds in little packages, and the CFC 2.0 falls right in line, with satisfying vapor. Its oven can hold as much as 0.3 grams of dry herbs, perfect for potent sessions that make it easier to switch from smoking.

At a little over five inches long and one inch in diameter, the Boundless CFC 2.0 is small enough to fit in any pocket or purse, and light enough to forget it's there.Full digital control & fast heat upThe CFC 2.0 can dial in any temperature between 140° F and 446° F, and get there in about 30 seconds. That's great for a quick session on the go.

Boundless includes a water pipe adapter (WPA) with each CFC 2.0 if you want to use it with a bubbler or glass water tool. That's a nice touch for a budget vape. It's also very simple to maintain. The only pieces that need cleaning are the oven, the mouthpiece, and a couple of screens, and the wide-lipped oven keeps the mess to a minimum.

The 2.0 improves on the original Boundless CFC build with more room for the oven and mouthpiece to cool. The outer shell and mouthpiece are stronger and more durable, without sacrificing any of the features of the original. The CFC 2.0 will run for a little more than an hour at 390° F, and we got around eight to ten sessions at higher temperatures. This is strong battery life for an ultra-portable vaporizer, and should get you through the day. It takes about three hours to charge via Micro-USB, and Boundless recommends not charging it while in use.

Boundless covers any manufacturing or workmanship defects for the first three years, which includes the "electronics, ceramic heating chamber, structural integrity, and attachments."

Package Contents:

  • Boundless CFC 2.0 Vaporizer

  • Water Pipe Adapter

  • USB Charging Cable

  • Cleaning Brush

  • Stir Tool

  • Two Extra Oven Screens

  • Three Extra Mouthpiece Screens

  • Manual



  • 18650 3.6 V, 9.0Wh Internal Battery

  • Height 5.2 in / 13.2 cm

  • Diameter 1.1 in / 2.8 cm

  • Weight 3 oz / 85 g

  • Temperature Range 140 - 446°F / 60 - 230°C