Coil Master DIY Kit Mini v2

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The Coil Master DIY Mini Kit v2 is an inexpensive and effective build kit, suitable for both novice and advanced rebuilders.

Whether using it as your main build kit, or just as a smaller option for on-the-go, this kit has everything you need. The DIY Kit Mini v2 comes in a hard plastic case made from an ABS material which is quite durable. Inside the kit you will find all the necessary tools in a well organized arrangement. Similarly to the full size Coil Master DIY Kit, the Mini Kit has folding scissors, ceramic tweezers, mini pliers, mini flush cut, and a multi functional screwdriver. The screwdriver's bits all have varying diameters which double as a winding rod.

Kit contents:

  • Ceramic Tweezers

  • Diagonal Stainless Tweezers

  • Mini Diagonal Pliers

  • Stainless steel Folding Scissors
  • Multifunction screwdriver body

  • 4 x Screwdriver winding rods (2.0 / 2.5 / 3.0 / 3.5)