Coil Master Wire Cutter

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The Coil Master Wire Cutter is a must-have for any build kit.

A beast of many names (flush cutters, precision cuts, snips, etc.) these little guys quite simply cut wire. These cutters are designed to allow the user to trim wire as close to the post as possible, making precision cuts easy, which makes builds look as clean as possible. This tool is made of chrome-vanadium steel and can cut almost all types of wire. The handle of the Coil Master Wire Cutters are spring loaded, making this one handy dandy tool!



  • Spring-Loaded Flush Cutter

  • Specifically Designed for Cutting Wires

  • Cuts copper wire diameter from 0.05mm - 1.2mm

  • Cuts steel wire diameter from 0.05 - 1.0mm

  • Allows Closely Cutting to Posts

  • Chrome-Vanadium Steel Construct