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Since 2014 Wick ‘N’ Vape has set an industry standard with Cotton Bacon.

This stuff has become a staple to many of us who use rebuildable atomizers due to both how well and how easy it works. Cotton Bacon Prime is the newest iteration of Cotton Bacon, boasting 33% faster absorption and easier separation. This means that this cotton will work very well in any rebuildable tank (RTA) or rebuildable dripper (RDA).

Cotton Bacon Prime has little to no break in time and tastes great. A bag of Cotton Bacon contains 10 large strips of cotton which can be broken down into smaller strands to fit coils of any size. The 10 chunks of cotton tend to last a surprisingly long time, especially if you’re not wasteful when using it.

Overall this cotton is an awesome choice for your rewick needs. 

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