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The Themis by Digiflavor is a leak proof rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA).

If you’re anything like me, the experience of going to use your vape and being greeted with a puddle of e-liquid is quite frustrating. RTAs can be especially fickle when it comes to wicking, and if you don’t have enough cotton she’s going to leak. This is where the Themis comes in. Regardless how you wick this tank, you will never have liquid come pouring out the airflow. This is thanks to the top airflow design that Digiflavor incorporated into this tank. In an upright position this tank is 100% leak proof. On its side or upside down it does have the potential to leak, but nowhere near the amount that a conventional bottom airflow RTA would.

The Themis features a removable dual coil deck which makes rebuilding/rewicking/cleaning very easy. The tank disassembles very easily and allows for the user to really give it a good rinse if necessary. The Themis uses a quarter-turn cam-style mechanism to fill. This is an advantage purely for avoiding the potential of cross-threading your top cap.

Overall this is an amazing RTA, especially if you’re looking for something that won’t leak.



  • 25mm diameter

  • 5ml liquid capacity

  • Quarter turn top fill mechanism

  • Dual adjustable top airflow


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