Efest 35A 4200 mAh 26650

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The Efest IMR 26650 is a 4200 mAh rechargeable lithium cell.

This cell is substantially larger than an 18650, so please be sure to verify this is the correctly sized cell for your device.


  • Model: IMR 26650 V1

  • Capacity: 4200 mAh

  • Nominal Voltage: 3.7V

  • Max Charging Current: 4A

  • Standard Charge: 2A

  • Discharging Current: 35A

  • Pulse Discharging Current: 50A

  • Charging Temperature Range: 0°C - 45°C

  • Discharging Temperature Range: -20°C to -75°C

  • Cell Size: 26.50 (±0.2)mm x 65.20(±0.2)mm



Note: Mishandling or misusing lithium-ion batteries can have serious consequences. These cells are extremely powerful and can cause substantial personal injury or property damage. Never exceed the continuous current rating of the cell. Always be sure to verify that the protective covering (battery wrap) and insulator is undamaged before using. Battery safety is no joke and if you’re ever questioning whether a battery is safe to use, please bring it by one of our locations.

We at River City Vapes will rewrap cells free of charge.

Batteries are sold individually.