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The Falcon by Horizontech is arguably one of the best sub ohm tanks out there.

Since the release of the Falcon, this tank has received great reviews universally. The amazing flavor you get off these coils, substantial liquid capacity, ease of use, and great aesthetics make this tank a fantastic choice. If you’re looking for a sub-ohm tank that runs around 60watts to 70watts, look no further!

There is a myriad of color options for the Falcon. Worth noting; the 'resin' color options have a slightly more restricted airflow than the other color options. 

To fill the Falcon, the user must unthread (about 1 full turn) the top cap. Once removed there are nice big openings to fill into. There are two options of glass for this tank. The straight glass gives the tank a 5ml capacity, whereas the bubble glass increases the capacity to 7ml. 

There are many coil options for the falcon with the consensus being that the M1 0.15ohm are the best. The M1 coils use mesh for the heating element. If you are unfamiliar with mesh coils, they dramatically increase the surface are from which vapor is produced which in turn means they dramatically increase flavor. These coils also use a blend of 70% cotton and 30% wood pulp. This mix of materials allows liquid to saturate in to the coil much faster than with traditional wicking materials.

Great flavor coupled with very good coil life makes these the crowd favorite.

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