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The IPV V3-Mini Auto-Squonk Pod System by Pioneer4You IPV is a truly innovative all in one kit.

This device combines the ample flavor and convenience of a squonking device with the simplicity and user-friendliness of a pod system. In most conventional squonking devices, e-liquid is fed in to the atomizer by squishing a soft plastic or silicone bottle. This is not the case with the IPV3-Mini. The IPV3-Mini utilizes IPV’s Electonic Spray Squonk (ESS) Driver, which allows the device to constantly replenishes the e-liquid being vaporized inside the Elf RDA with a small pump. This is a stark change in form for a squonking device and is executed perfectly in the IPV3-Mini. When you take a puff off this device, you can hear and feel the oddly satisfying whirr of the ESS pump feeding liquid into the Elf RDA. The pump rate is adjustable; ideal for vaping liquids with different viscosity. The ESS pump feeds e-liquid from a replaceable 3.5mL chamber on the bottom of the device.

The IPV3-Mini utilizes a proprietary RDA system called the Elf RDA. The pods are not 510 threaded, and are not compatible with any other devices. These non-rebuildable pod / dripper hybrids feature an adjustable airflow and are available in two resistances: 0.3 Ohm (Ni-Mn alloy) is for a more direct-to-lung (DTL) sensation 1.0 Ohm (SS316) is for a tighter mouth-to-lung (MTL) sensation.

A keen eye will notice that both types of metal used in the coils on the Elf RDAs are temperature control compatible. This is because instead of pushing linear wattage, the IPV3-Mini uses its sophisticated YiHiSX635J Chipset in temperature control. Although not very popular with traditional devices, temperature control can be a useful tool in increasing coil longevity and dialing in flavor. On the IPV3-Mini, it is implemented perfectly.

With the IPV3-Mini you will be presented with two power levels: P1 is for a DTL style of vaping. P2 is for a MTL style of vaping. These two settings set the base power output. This variable combined with the temperature threshold set on the device will provide you with some surprisingly satisfying puffs off this device.


  • Powered by YiHiSX635J Chipset

  • 1400mAh Battery

  • 3.5mL chamber capacity

  • Two adjustable power (wattage) settings: P1 @ 12-15 watts / P2 @ 22-25 watts

  • Temperature Control Range: 180 – 260C (356 – 500F)


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