JUUL Device Kit

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The JUUL device kit comes with a JUUL device and USB charging dock.

This device offers users one of, if not the, most intuitive and simple options to vape. There are no buttons, switches, or controls. To operate the device all you do is puff off of it. It is a closed (non-refillable) system, so you will never have to worry about filling your pod/tank or changing a coil. Once you have drained a pod, click in a new one, and you’re good to go.

Pods are available in two strengths: 5% (59mg of nicotine) and 3% (35mg of nicotine). The 5% pods are hands down the closest sensation to smoking I have experienced in a vape (tight draw, throat hit). 3% offers a lighter alternative and an option to step down nicotine strengths as you transition into vaping. 

Juul formulated what is commonly called salt based nicotine (also called salt nic) for these devices. Salt based nicotine is much more acidic and soluble than traditional nicotine. This allows the salt nic to saturate through lipid membranes exponentially faster. The speedy absorption of nicotine into your bloodstream is part of what makes this device an exceptional option for smokers.

Pods are not included with the device kit.