LG HG2 18650 Battery 3000mah 20a

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The LG HG2: optimal for use in regulated devices.

Batteries are sold individually.

This is a high energy cell which provides longer life between charges. This cell is not ideal for use in unregulated or mechanical devices. When used below the maximum operating temperature of 75 degrees Celsius these cells can push a 20A continuous current rating.

Note: Mishandling or misusing lithium-ion batteries can have serious consequences. These cells are extremely powerful and can cause substantial personal injury or property damage. Never exceed the continuous current rating of the cell. Always be sure to verify that the protective covering (battery wrap) and insulator is undamaged before using.

Battery safety is no joke and if you're ever questioning whether a battery is safe to use, please bring it by one of our retail locations and we will re-wrap cells free of charge. If you are ordering online, just ask us for a complimentary battery wrap with your next order.


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