Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C

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The Paranormal by Lost Vape is a DNA250C powered mod.

The DNA250C chipset is loaded with features and is customizable through Evolv's (manufacturer of DNA chip) proprietary EScribe software. The most notable feature introduced with the 250C chip is the 'Replay' mode. The best way to describe the 'Replay' mode is as an extremely simple and effective temperature control mode. In order to use the 'Replay' feature, the user must use a temperature control compatible coil (stainless steel, nickel, titanium, etc.) and take a puff. When the user has had the desired flavor/vapor output you can select 'Save Puff' and the device will repeat that perfect puff ad infinitum.

Other features in the Paranormal include a 'Boost' mode which functions like a preheat setting. With the 'Boost' setting, users can select from 1 to 11 depending on how much heat is desired at the beginning of a puff.

The Paranormal also has an on-the-go charging feature where the user can charge other devices with the cells inside the Paranormal. This will usually require a specific cable that the device does not come with, such as a micro USB to USB adapter.

The awesomeness of this device doesn't stop at its functionality. Aesthetically, this device is gorgeous. The die-cast zinc alloy body has a nice amount of heft and looks very handsome. The Paranormal has two carbon fibre plates on the sides that can be swapped with (included) wooden inserts. There is also a version of the Paranormal that has non-removable carbon fibre inserts.