Squid Industries Double Barrel V3

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The Double Barrel by Squid Industries is a dual 18560 device capable of a maximum of 150 watts.

This device is a simple and rugged beast. Made with a stainless steel alloy, this unit is surprisingly hefty. This version of the Double Barrel V3 can use 25mm atomizers (without overhang), due to a 1mm increase in diameter of the battery housings. It also features a flush mounted 0.47 inch oled display and a convenient one piece battery door.  Wattage adjustment is done by twisting the fire button to the left or right. 5 clicks of the fire button will turn the device on, 4 clicks will lock the wattage adjustment dial, and 3 clicks will rotate the screen orientation. This device does not facilitate on board charging, so make sure you have a charger capable of recharging lithium-ion batteries.

The Double Barrel is an awesome choice for anyone looking for a simple and effective device.

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