The Peak Smart Rig by Puffco

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The Peak by puffco is the world's first smart concentrate rig:

Designed with an intelligent temperature control mechanism that ensures every hit has consistency and flavor, this device is an extremely effective means to vaporizing cannabis concentrates.

The device features a stylish, yet functional, glass chamber. This chamber is capable of being fully removed from the main body of the device. When detached, the user can then easily clean or fill the chamber with water to improve filtration of the vapor. When filling the glass chamber with water, be sure to remove it from the device first. Fill with 2 to 3 ounces of water; the water level should be slightly below the top of the ceramic bowl.

The ceramic bowl used for heating concentrate offers consistent heat and is easily detachable for cleaning and maintenance.

It takes on average around 20 seconds for the ceramic bowl to get up to temperature.

There are 4 temperature settings indicated by LED lights:

Blue - 232° C

Green - 260° C

Red - 288° C

White - 315° C

The battery inside the Peak is a 1400mAh cell and Puffco states that it can last for about 30 sessions between charging. Charging is accomplished via an included micro-USB cable and should only take a couple/few hours to charge fully.

Operating the Peak is extremely simple:

  •  Select your desired temperature level by pushing the button below the ceramic bowl. One click will cycle between the different settings.

  • Once you see you desired color emanating from the device, double tap the button to begin heating. Make sure the included carb cap is placed on top of the heating chamber while heating.

  • If you wish to extend your current session, double tapping the button will extend the heating cycle.

  • Once you have completely vaporized the concentrate in the ceramic bowl, be sure to clean it out with a cotton swab.


In the box:

1 Puffco Peak

1 Puffco PeakWater Tool

1 Extra Ceramic Bowl

1 Glass Carb Cap

1 Secure Carrying Case

1 Loading Tool

1 Micro-USB Supercharger

1 Premium Cleaning Swabs